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Spice Indian Restaurant
10% Discount on collection orders over £10.00
Onion Bhaji £3.25
Prawns Cocktail
Served with salad
Chilled Melon (fresh melon when in season) £3.50
King Prawn Suka
King Prawn prepared with our Chef's special sauce
Somosa (meat or vegetable) £3.25
Chicken or Aloo Chat £3.95
Pakora (chicken or vegetable) £4.95
Reshmi Kebab
Minced lamb with special spices, covered with egg
Sheek Kebab
Minced lamb pungently spiced and barbecued in a clay oven
Mixed Kebab Platter (for two)
Two pieces of lamb, chicken tikka, sheekh kebab & onion bhaji
Chicken or Lamb Tikka £3.95
Haash Tikka (Duck) £4.50
Tandoori Chicken
Spring Chicken marinated in herbs and grilled in clay oven
King Prawn Butterfly £5.50
Prawn Puree
Spicy prawn served in deep fried bread
King Prawn Puree £5.95
Crab Puree
Spicy crabmeat served in deep fried bread
Fish Balls
Minced fish marinated in herbs & fried
Soup (Dall or Mulligatawny) £3.25
Tandoori Sizzling Dishes
Mildly spiced and marinated in tandoor
Sheek Kebab £7.95
Chicken or Lamb Tikka £7.95
Tandoori Chicken (half) £7.95
Chicken or Lamb Shaslick
Cooked with capsicum tomatoes and onions
Haash Shaslick (Duck) £11.95
King Prawn Shaslick £11.95
Mossala Dishes
Cooked in a special sauce with coconuts, almonds and cream
Tikka Mossala (chicken or lamb) £8.95
Tandoori King Prawn Mossala £12.95
Vegetable Mossala £7.95
Balti Dishes
Traditional Punjabi Dish cooked with medium herbs and spices.
Served in a wok
Chicken/Lamb Tikka £8.95
Prawn £9.95
King Prawn £12.95
Vegetable £7.95
Birany Dishes
Served with vegetable curry
Chicken or Lamb £8.95
Chicken or Lamb Tikka £9.95
Special Birany £11.95
Prawn £10.95
King Prawn £12.95
Vegetable £8.95
Korai Dishes
Cooked with green peppers, tomatoes and onions
served in a sizzling dish
Chicken/Lamb Tikka £8.95
Prawn £9.95
King Prawn £12.95
Vegetable £7.95
Traditional Dishes
Curry, Madras, Vindaloo, Rogan, Bhuna, Dansak, Dupaiza, Pathia, Malay, Korma and Sag
Chicken or Lamb £6.95
Chicken or Lamb Tikka £7.95
Prawn £8.95
King Prawn £10.95
Vegetable £6.95
Signature Dishes
Royal Lamb Mossala
Marinated lamb shank, slow cooked in tomato & onion sauce, a true delight
Murgh Bhuna (on or off the bone)
Chicken breast marinated in tandoor then cooked in a medium sauce
King Prawn grilled in tandoor with garlic & mint
Bengal Fish
Bangladeshi fish cooked in whole with herbs and spices in medium sauce
Coconut Lamb
Tender lamb cooked in coconut with medium spices
Dalcha Gosht
Strips of roast lamb fused with fresh chillies and coriander
Chicken Shazani
Deep fried onion, garlic and mango, blended with butter and cream, cooked with marinated chicken
Kata Chicken
Fried sliced chicken with garlic, onion, peppers. Medium-Hot
Royal King Prawn
King Prawn marinated in chef's special recipe
Cox Bazzar Crab
Fresh crabs cooked with garlic, fresh herbs, garnished with lemon
Tandoori Mixed Grill
Nan, lamb and chicken tikka, sheek kebab and tandoori chicken
Spice Specialities
Naga (chicken or lamb)
(Hot) A very aromatic and exotic Bangladeshi chilli, a unique dish, smooth and spicy
Butter Chicken
Cooked in butter in cream sauce
Passanda (chicken or lamb)
Cooked with pure ghee in special sauce with almonds & sultanas
Marinated chicken or lamb cooked in a similar to Massala sauce, slightly spicy
Marinated chicken/lamb cooked with Acher in aromatic sauce
Morrisa (chicken or lamb)
Cooked in a blend of hot sauce with fresh garlic, green chilli and green peppers. Hot.
Methi (chicken or lamb)
Highly flavoured with Indian herbs, capsicum and tomato. Medium
Haash Mirchi
Duck breast marinated in subtle spices, grilled then cooked with hot spice, chopped onions & fresh green chillies. Hot.
Jalfrezi (chicken or lamb)
Cooked with grren pepper, onion, tomatoes and gren chillies
Green Tikka (chicken or lamb)
Slightly hot. Cooked in our own special sauce with green herbs and mint
Garlic Chilli (chicken or lamb)
Cooked with garlic in medium sauce
Silsilla (Chicken or Lamb)
Cooked in a delicate sauce with sliced egg where the smoothness of the buttery taste is followed by the spicy sensation
King Prawn Langwaki
King Prawn marinated overnight in delicately spiced sauce and deep fried in butter with fresh beans.
Haash Shugonda
Breast of duck with onion, ginger & garlic cooked in light ground spice & gram massala
Lamb Massalam
Marinated and cooked with mince meat sauce
Vegetable Dishes
Vegetable Curry or Dry £3.50
Bhindi Bhaji Ladies finger £3.25
Mushroom Bhaji £3.25
Aloo Gobi Potato and cauliflower £3.50
Bombay Aloo £3.25
Sag Bhaji Spinach £3.25
Panir (Sag / Mutter) Spinach or chick peas with cheese £3.60
Sag Aloo Spinach & potato £3.50
Cauliflower Bhaji £3.25
Tarka Dall Lentils highly spiced with garlic £3.25
Chana Massala Chick peas cooked with Chef's own recipe £3.25
Chana Aloo Sweet & sour, hot £3.50
Brinjal Bhaji £3.25
Plain Rice £2.30
Pilau Rice £2.50
Special Rice rice cooked with egg & peas £3.25
Keema Rice minced meat £3.25
Mushroom Pilau rice cooked with mushroms £3.25
Garlic Fried Rice £3.25
Egg Fried Rice £3.25
Sag Rice spinach £3.25
Nan Bread
Nan £2.30
Peshwari Nan £2.50
Keema Nan Minced meat £2.50
Kulcha Nan Stuffed with spices, mashed potato & vegetables £2.50
Garlic Nan £2.50
Cheese Nan £2.50
Roti Indian bread baked in clay oven £2.50
Papadom (plain or spiced) £0.60
Chutney per person £0.60
Chapati Soft, thin Indian bread, not fried £1.90
Paratha Fried Indian bread £2.30
Stuffed Paratha Stuffed with vegetables £2.50
Chips £1.90
Raita Yoghurt with cucumber or mixed £1.50
Spice Banquet
Our Chef will prepare a stupendous selection of mixed starters, mains, sides, rice and nan's.
You only choose the strengths. (I.E. Mild, Medium or Spicy)
per person
Set Meal for 2 People
Starter: 1 Onion Bhaji, 1 Chicken Tikka, 1 Chicken Korma,
1 Lamb Bhuna, 1 Mushroom Bhaji, 2 Pilau Rice, 1 Nan
Set Meal for 4 People
Starter: 2 Onion Bhaji, 2 Chicken Tikka, 1 Lamb Rogon,
2 Chicken Tikka Mossala, 1 Chicken Bhuna 1 Sag Aloo, 1 Mushroom Bhaji, 2 Pilau Rice, 1 Nan, 1 Peshwari Nan
The management reserves the right to refuse service
without any explanation.
Dishes which are not on the menu can be prepared
at the customers request.
Spice Indian Restaurant, Thatcham, Berkshire.
Spice Indian Restaurant
Spice Indian Restaurant
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